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50 Thousand Feet

I lift off to the skies, and look below,
At the maze of life lived, a thousand journeys,
And see the paths that brought me here,
I see the hands that held mine as we walked,
I see the intricacies of choice, the canopies of love,
I see the battles fought, the lefts not to be taken

And I think about the destination,
All I see is but a mirage of what’s to come,
But I lit my flame and set my course upon a great life,
With the greatest pleasure to help my fellow man,
Leave footsteps on paths not taken,
Plotting to where I go, though I know not how and when I get there

So hold my hand, if you believe in this dream as I do,
I walk slow sometimes, I eat herbs of the jungle, they slow me
Sometimes I forget where it is I am heading,
Sometimes I wonder if I am walking the right path,
Sometimes I look up and wonder what I see down below,
Sometimes I ask if I could have chosen an easier path,
Sometimes, I pull down the veil into my intricacies of maze messiness,
Sometimes, I retreat into the woods and away from my path

But I need a hand, and eyes, and a heart,
To look with me and see the horizon,
Be inspired by the challenges and the opportunities,
Come with me as we lift the curse,
Tear down the veil of the inexplicable intricacies,
Engrave this vision even deeper,
Go head first into the asymptote,
For if we believe hard enough, then that is faith

Faith to guide us to the dreams,
Though the paths forward are filled with mysteries,
Thought the paths forward cry out with adventures to come,
I want to not only bring myself to the riches,
But be remembered as the trailblazer of the paths not walked,
That shattered the way we live and love this world,
Here is my hand, lets go,

Lets take off into the skies,
Driven by what lies deep inside us,
Come lets go find inspiration,
Lets unleash our inner dreamer,
And for a moment, exist in a world of fantasy,
And lets come back with the magic reignited,
Our realities re-enchanted


Shrinking the speed at which you move through a city a key to economic empowerment and increasing productivity in a city. In some cities a commute is more integral to your day than time with your family. It is a game of cat and mouse trying to beat the commute where it can be 30 minutes at off peak times and 2 , mostly idle, hours at peak times.

My friends who live in Nairobi have to wake up at 4am to get to work on time, their commute has become the center of how they plan their day. Travel times not only decrease your economic productivity but also dictates where and how you live your life.

In places like Kinshasa, it is even worse. With no functioning public transportation network you have to be wealthy enough to afford your own vehicle or you’re limited to your own two feet.

I have had the opportunity to travel and live in first world cities and see how good transportation can shrink the commute that would take 2 hours in a city like Lagos to 10 minutes in a city like London. With these times you bring the entire city to your doorstep.

The model of hyper expensive subways are unrealistic in the African context. Cities are exploding and this negates the improvements. There needs to be a re-imagination of the commute that does not put us in increasing debt and takes 10 years to make incremental progress.

I am a technologist and I feel like the solution once we find, will be simple in retrospect. With both time and economic barriers to the status quo, we need to question every assumption along the way, break away from the crisis of inspiration, the future of commute in African cities will look less and less like New York.

At SafeMotos we generate a lot of data that we start to see interesting patterns, patterns that evolve with the city. In Kinshasa robots direct traffic, nevertheless, android smartphones cost less than a bottle of wine at a restaurant and data is increasingly cheaper. We  are the custodians of data and would like to work with strategic thinkers who can take these insights to the decision making rooms for urban planning, and join the private sector in transforming the commute in our cities.

I am excited to be part of a group of people reimagining the commute in African cities! Share with me your ideas on how to improve commute in African cities in the comments.


The sun struggles out of bed,
Rising slowly but steadily,
The air is clear and crispy,
I look outside my window,

Can you hear that?
This sound that cuts through the morning air,
It whistles and hisses as it comes closer,
Then the bells start calling out, calling me out,
To run to the station, to board the train,
To put down this idea that just struck,
Afraid it might go away,

Get me a notebook, get me a pencil,
Let me put it down,
Into my notebook and back into my mind,
To start the journey,
The journey to create,

Graphite strikes paper, and the moment is captured,
Only thing I have to do,
Is to type away,
Turn this simple idea,
Into something,
Something that I can share,
Share with the world

A different kind of day

“Just another day in paradise, ” Peter thought to himself as he jumped out of bed. It was finally the weekend and not any other kind of weekend. This one was one of the last weekends of the year in Kigali. The whole year had passed like dust through the hands, packed with adventure, beautiful memories and it’s fair share of pain. “I have my fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly, surely we are due for some good today?” he reassured himself. A young man glued to a foreign country in search for beauty, having left his family years before, he had wandered the vastness of space like an asteroid looking for gravity to bring him home, sometimes he felt like a lost soul. “Search for beauty”, he contemplated as be opened the curtains to welcome the sunlight into his room, “Why is it that people search for what they don’t have? Why do people feel constantly lost? The day you stop dreaming is the day you die”.

“You are not allowed to stand here?”, Peter motioned eagerly to the creature in front of him. Secretly he grinned trying hard to hide the grin by wearing a serious face. “What do you mean, I am not allowed to stand here?” the creature responded looking surprised. At this moment, he knew he could not carry the joke further, he knew that the ice had been broken and hoped it would all be a rollercoaster. The lady stood comfortably and confidently swayed from side to side to the people ecstatically streaming in and out of the building. She wore a tight fitting trouser, a white blouse, the straps on her backpack pressed down on her shoulders and her eyes seemed as if they concealed a world beyond. Her face, symmetrically beautiful, searched for the person she was about to meet for the first time.

“…white people are not allowed to stand in this position”, he joked, “ hello, I am Peter, just ignore my crude comments am always hunting for easy icebreakers, nice to meet you!”.

“Hello, ” she smiled, “ I am M, M O”

That day would remain engraved in his memory. How a simple day bloomed and bore fruits that were a recipe for a good memory. Beautiful days do not appear riding white horses but rather as simple series of good moments. He had been introduced to M accidentally via a website that connects travellers around the world. What was planned to be a casual ‘say hello to the locals’ quickly changed as minutes became hours and night slipped into the morning as they talked, danced and talked. Soon they were going to meet again!

It had been three weeks since they met, a thousand messages, tens of pictures exchanged as the year gave in to a new one. Funny how the world has changed, when keeping in touch could be done at the speed of light and being separated did not necessarily mean being disconnected. All this time, he wondered when he was going to see her next, he had been like a man shown the promised world only to be taken away from him and he craved to go back. He wondered what the next meeting would be like, would the stars align, would the clouds dance, would the wind sing, would the moon shine?

She sat comfortably next to him, the bus was full, the air was full too. Crying babies, an aroma of bodily smells, curious stares did not curtail the mood. There were no fairies dancing but past the bus windows the savannah gave into rolling hills, high mountains that stared back. The bus cut through the hills like a python around it’s prey cutting corners at breakneck speeds to transport eager passengers to the lake side. A sight like this was not common, young black man with a young white woman chatting animatedly with teenage innocence plastered over their faces as they fell perilously in love. A thousand eyes looked at these characters, an occasional cheer for your kind, some disapproving looks trying to decipher what the story was, little did they know, the story was being written. The green hills embracing the terrain looked like the breeding ground for nature, like middle earth, the trees on the roadside swayed and danced in the wind being dragged from side to side in a majestic dance. On the road side, energetic children smiled widely their eyes quickly setting on the uncommon scene on the bus and bursting spontaneously “Muzungu! Give me money!”. We were in Africa!

“This country is beautiful” Peter exclaimed as they winded down the last hill into Kibuye. The lake was now peeking through occasionally as the bus spiralled down the hill.

“I see the lake” M responded, “ it is beautiful”.

“Have you organised a place to stay?” she enquired curiously.

“For this trip you can be the princess, I will arrange everything, I have been here a hundred times” he answered boldly.

“Really, thank you”, she smiled.

Kibuye was a small lakeside town that was considered to many as the resort haven of the country. An oasis for elite travellers bound to Kigali, here they could let joyful screams into the wild and wait for their echo to return, here they could free their minds from the hustle and bustle and watch swimming cows. To Peter and M, there were like wild geese and this was their wild. Here they could curiously stare at beauty and hope for it to strike, boy and girl, a curious sight, energised by the touching of hands and scenic landscape, here they were welcome.

The black boy took the white girl to the docks, a platform erected for those seeking peace and tranquility right on the waters of the Kivu. The lake waters evaporated slowly concealing nothing but an outline of the distant hills of the Congo. The waters danced from side to side, hitting the shoreline and the docks as it was dragged by the wind. Sitting at docks at this beautiful sight, Peter burst into a song

Searching for the peaceful and tranquil,
The waters vast, the hills vast,
The gates of my heart are cringing,
To this creature next to me,
As she talks so animatedly,
Oh my teenage innocence,
What do I do now?
Maybe all we need is touch,
Maybe all we need is touch

Summoning his bravery, he slowly put his leg over hers under the water, curiously caressing the soft skin. Maybe all we need is touch. At this moment, a wave of relief washed over him and a bolt of lightning struck the waters igniting a beautiful dance in the distant hills, a strong wind approached and carried them both away like butterflies among a field of lilies. Flapping his colourful wings he settled back on the dock as the wind quieted down. The day was turning to be a special one and it was just beginning.

It was time to head back, the resident hotel, rooted at the top of a hill like a castle. From the restaurant you could see the vastness of millions of years in geography as hills blocked the view with the lake water peacefully filling the valleys, reflecting the skies. It had seen a thousand generations come and go. A rugged path winded down the hill to water, inviting peculiars to trek it up and down to touch the water.

“Let us go to the water! We will swim in the dark, and enjoy the cool water ” M exclaimed excitedly.

“A series of good moments” Peter thought to himself as he replied “Yes”. At the least, they would have to take off some clothes.

A lot of people ask why it is that young people rebel. Why would we want to swim in the dark? Why would we go all the way down to the hill? To the young mind, there is a hunger, a search for the haphazard serendipitous that sometimes change our lives forever after. What a wonder it is.

The moon was shining bright, the waters quietly danced to the swaying winds, the stars aligned as they lay in the grass. “Norah Jones” that mellow post-jazz Indian singer mellowly cut through the night soothing their ears. The slope of the hill inclined them to stare at the waters beyond and the occasionally echo reached their ears with villagers planning their fishing trip the day after. Nature did not spare any beauty, crickets joined in with the erratic croak and Orion’s belt dragged slowly across the sky. The world had conspired to make a beautiful moment.

As they lay there, the four forces of nature boldly dragged them onto a collision course, as they slowly slipped into the moment. Peter glanced over his side and there she lay, with the moonlight illuminating her face and her lips inviting. He knew this was his moment as he slid over and put his lips on hers. The crickets staring, croaked up a song as they kissed

There’s nothing like a first kiss,
That momentary touching of lips,
And your whole body explodes into a fire,
Excited bodies craving to be intertwined like twigs,
Searching for the lovers sweet spots,
Cuddle me close, my love,
For quickly I’m falling, falling for you,
Oblivious to the world around,
Oooh, not too far, back up the hill,
There’s nothing like a first kiss

To be continued


I want you to know that today I broke,
I thought of the stirring inside me,
I felt it boil, and creep over me,
I felt my body and soul disconnect,
Then unite in momentary unison,
This moment when I acknowledged,
I knew for one moment what is it we had,

Who is it you were,
And that these moments we shared,
Expressed in pure honesty,

When you made you made me bread and cheese,
Then we popped open the bottle of champagne,
Smoked a cigarette on our couch,
With your nakedness showing to me,
And you had this look in your eyes,
It was as if you had really seen me,

We walked hand in hand as we would in many other cities,
You made me feel so small,
Like you saw my soul spoke to you better than I could,

Even when when ghosts of our pasts,
Even when I made you cry,
Even when I made you sleepless,
Even when I had my doubts,
You still had me, forgave me,
Like you knew better

And we fought together,
Like comrades in a fight,
Everyone said we would lose,
I guess they were right,

I will cherish moments like walking in a dark cold night,
In the streets of Warsaw,
In dance venues that invoked my demons,
You held my hand and,
Spoke to me,
And I spoke back,

And the streets watched,
The rain rained,
The winds tore through our skins,
And I held you hand tighter,
And this moment,
Moments like this,
When we shared,
Moments when I knew what your smile would be,
Like a painting yet crave to see it again,
When I knew what your lips would taste like,
What your comments would be,
What your face would be when I talked to you,
As your facial muscles tightened,
As your brain sprung to think to respond,
You will hold dear a place in my heart,

You knew me,
I showed you mine,
You showed me yours,
I am saddened the story did not end as we wished,
But you have made a mark,
Not added to my gallery of broken pieces,
But stitched them together,
Mended my broken self with your pure goodness,
And love you showed me,
And the person that I will be,
However broken,
About to be broken even more,
I will still preserve what you gave me,

This is the end,
But here’s to you,
You beautiful soul

A pursuit of truth

A rock flies down in space,
Looking for a familiar body,
Looking for a place to call home,
An invisible force pulls it,
Burying the rest of the world,
This moment is just for us

And so begins a violent delicate process,
A process somewhat terrifying,
Our eyes quickly searching, caressing the soul before them,
Swept away by conspiring winds,
Kidnapped by our own delicious delusions,
Did we choose or we were chosen?
Every moment we ask if we were the lucky ones

So let’s start a fire in this jungle,
Let’s pour firewood to keep the fire hot,
Let’s pursue truth, let’s redefine the truths we tell each other,
Intertwine our views on the truth,
Our times of enchantment, are here,
We want to pursue certainty

And the universe stares on,
Let’s test the bond, they say,
Create an ocean between them,
Let’s surf the waves of the osmotic pressure,
Created by the presence and absence,
Treacherous waters, they are,
But we are here for true love,
Love that can triumph,
Overcome the hurdles erected

Part the seas for us to cross,
Board big birds that carry us into each other,
I want your body close to mine,
Your struggles to be mine,
My arms to guide your way,
While my moonlight illuminates the paths you walk

Let me bury myself in the intensity of having you close,
Even though for just a moment,
This moment that seems to last forever,
As I disappear into your eyes,
Our bodies intertwined,
I will cherish this moment,
I will clad armour for the journey ahead,
By pouring my love to you, with an open heart
And look forward to the anguish in your absence,

Knowledge for the heart must come from heart,
From its pains, longings, emotional responses,
I will open my heart to you,
Hand you the keys to it’s beat,
I will keep in mind my ability to love, has the ability to hurt,
But what is romance without its frustrations?

A violent supernova brought us together,
Now we must orbit each other,
We are chosen, now we have to choose,
It’s no longer chance that unites us,
But truth,
And a common view of the world,
The need to show love, compassion and kindness
To the world around us, one day at a time,
I will look forward to these days ahead,
When hand to hand we shall go into the world,
And show it our love, day by day,
Disappear into nature, into an adventure,
And like any adventure, not without it’s turmoil and hurdles


Moments you cannot express in words,
How do you explain the color red to another.
Red is the color of roses,
The color of love,
Red is the color of blood,
The color of passion,
Red is the color of beat root,
The color for good health,
Red the color,
Of passion and good health

How do I explain this passion I feel,
For another soul,
I’ve known you for a thousand years,
In my past lives, I brushed my shoulders past you,
A thousand years you caught my eye,
Yet this time I looked,
I paused to see the beauty for myself,
This time, yes I will board the ship ,
Let the stars guide me to the promised land

My love, I’ve seen you before, known you before,
I’ve seen your colors a thousand times,
Many looked to the rainbow, yet I saw you bow
Nod your head in appreciation,
This time, I will nod back,
Let our eyes connect in momentary avalanche of excitement,
Carry me down the slope,
Let me in for the love

A screeching horn cuts through the darkness,
And so a ship comes dock,
Moaning as a beast in chains,
For its voyage finished for the term,
And out of the beast, here I come,
My arms expectant, my tongue hungry for you,
I’ve thought a thousand times,
About when I will have you in my arms,
And let your skin caress my own,
Give it the warmth it deserves

Then the stars stop to appreciate the moment,
The sun stood still,
The day the earth stood still,
You and I,
The prophetess and her prophet,
The prophets of love,
Let us show the world what we have lost,
The color of passion, the color of blood,
Fall into my arms, let us celebrate this moment,
For we are among the gods,
At least for this moment, right here

(516) 982-3557

We all long for happiness,
Those bursts of endorphins,
Times when we feel disconnected,
Yet so closely connected,
To the deep eyes staring back at ours,
Those moments when comfortably lie,
We’re intertwined like twigs,
Falling into eyes, falling into a dreamland

Long we searched, expectant
Waiting for the one person,
The mind that gets our own,
Their smiles ignite on our lips,
Our bodies excite and entangle,
Speechless to appreciate the moment
Bound by the four forces of nature

What a wonder it is,
To long for another person,
To miss their eyes,
To miss running your hands,
Disentangle tangle messes on our heads,
To miss running your hands through their back,
To dream, of those times we’re close

What a wonder it is,
We wonder how long we can do this,
We wonder if we are cheating,
Breaking the laws of gravity,
We wonder how long it will last,
We wonder what we did to deserve this,
We sing songs of storybooks written,
Maybe all isn’t to be left to fantasy

As a writers writing rivers dry out,
Leading the way into a delta,
To open into a wonderful world of the open ocean,
Leaving curious minds and expectant thoughts,
The words wind into the delta,
Beautifully entangling the land as a hungry python,
So a chapter comes to an end,

But worlds, our imaginations,
Drawn by curious winds,
We sail towards the setting sun,
Seas as far as yours eyes can see,
Keep me closer, next to you,
Knowing that the days to come,
Bear the beauty of the rising sun,
And that the story is yet, yet to end,
And the water sails into the winds,
Whistling quietly, singing natures music

(573) 886-6162

Folly of the youth they call it,
We call it a celebration,
Our legs are strong and our will unabated,
Our brains are sharp and our skins glow,
Like water, it flows, quickly passing, slowly changing
We look to the stars, stare at the ground, read about greater lives
Focusing our energy on the search for the mystique,
To be struck by lightning, to scratch our money making itches
And let there be rain, a gold rain

Knowledge, streams of which, flow by, we like, the thirsty
Stick our tongues, edge in to devour the water, let it flow at our fingertips,
We want to know it all, stare at our eyes, see our youth, but we know
Yet we can’t help but wonder, when life comes calling, do we look back?
Is this my best life? Will I end up burnt out, thirsty, hungry?

What is the meaning of all of this?
So what, I have to be like this, like that
Fuck dogma,
You say the rules were written in stone, i only read print editions,
I crave for a thousand fires,
Sparks of my skin as in the sky,
Let me glow brighter than Sirius,
I want a thousand coals beneath my feet,
Keep them warm, keep them active,
I want my brain to be hungry, crave knowledge, crave to grow
As a leaf beneath a canopy craves for the sunlight,
I want tears to wash away the scars on my face,
I want lightning to strike, to power a thousand connections,
I want a heart ready for love,
A brain ready for knowledge,
Feet always on my shoulders,
Smiles like star light in the desert sky!
So no, I want more!
This is not enough,
So blame the folly of youth

Quiet streams run deep

So the sky stares back, stars lighting up the viewpoint
As the blanket covering the star light is dragged across the sky,
The milky way, brilliantly staring at the ground,
Many have come, many have gone, seasons, seas, ice lands
All witnessed by gods, they’re all staring at existences mirth
Kings and queens, beasts of land and seas

They watched our kind, watched us bust into existence
Watched our folly metamorphosis into preconceived knowledge,
We looked to the stars, basked under the star light and ingested some energy,
The big rule book, the mother of all answers, the continuum of existence,
They watched as we tried to fathom our way into existence

The fires light up, stars exploding, universes being created and expanding
Atoms solidifying into existence, our entropies drawing closer,
The gods stop and stare, at a scene seen infinitum existences before
We watch our kind glow into existence, how great though art
Have you seen intelligence of this kind, have you seen prowess like this?

Seek the hedonic contours of existence, I am here because I am special
Time stopped, thunders cracked, lightning illuminated the skies, every eye shall see
For a mere mortal comes to existence, have you seen this kind of entropy?
I shall exist, do I exist? Will I exist? Why do I exists? Is this air that I breathe?

What am I, a mere gas cloud, trying to lay a trench in time, the world presents itself
Welcome to the wild, you know the game? No, yes, I guess
You guess? Don’t you know where you are?
Lay your roots, seek the eudaemonic contours of existence
Life is beautiful,
You are non-existent,
Life has no rules,
The only rules, stare at stars above, see them staring below, not noticing
Forget the rules, fuck the rules, imagine a world without,
A world where you don’t exist, for you don’t exist
I exist, do I? Trapped by time

See the world, see time as infinite, dream higher, love bigger, smile broader,
Throw a seed into fertile ground, throw a seed into sand,
They all fight for the rising sun, drawn by the stars to glory,
Crave more, celebrate like kings, bask in the ground that breeds us
Bash away the misanthropic, touch the world around you
Shine light, leave a mark, effect
I want more, I will dream more, I will crave more, I will pray
To be, the least, an example